Who We Are

Precision Canine Bed Bug Detection Services, LLC is an independent, professional service provider that you can rely on to provide cost effective, honest and accurate inspections. We will discreetly arrive at your property with a professionally trained canine bed bug detection team. Our certified teams practice on-going training on live bed bug and viable egg scents every day in order to provide you with cutting edge bed bug inspection services.

Properly trained and certified canine teams maintain a detection accuracy rate of greater than 90%, compared to a 35% accuracy rate of a human visual inspection. Scent detection canines can even locate bed bugs behind walls.*

We offer detection services for commercial and residential properties.

Contact us today to restore your peace of mind.  You will have confidence after our inspection knowing whether or not treatment is necessary.

* Pfiester, Margie, et al.  “Ability of Bed Bug Detecting Canines to Locate Live Bed Bugs and Viable Bed Bug Eggs.”  Journal of Economic Entomology.  August 2008