Multi-Family Housing K-9 Detection Services

Property managers must stay vigilant when it comes to any reports of bed bugs.

Call us as soon as you receive notice of a potential bed bug sighting.

Our team will arrive swiftly to inspect the premise and pinpoint only the areas where bed bugs were found.  Upon completion of the inspection, you will receive a detailed, written report indicating the outcome of the inspection.  Treatments can then be more targeted to specific areas, potentially resulting in a significant cost savings and reduction in the use of chemicals on your property.  In addition, we are available to work with the appropriate pest control operatives to ensure a pest-free environment for your tenants

Our team is also available for pre and post move inspections. Ensure new tenants are not bringing bed bugs into your facility and make sure that former tenants aren’t leaving their problem behind.

Bed bug detection teams can also be utilized on a routine, pro-active nature or after treatments to determine if your bed bug situation has been resolved. Our dogs will only alert to the scent of live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs. They do not alert on dead bugs or other insects. You will have peace of mind knowing that the treatment was successful.

By using our services you are utilizing the most accurate and effective means of bed bug detection available.  This is not only good practice for any location that is at risk for bed bug infestations, but it also proves due diligence should any litigation arise.

  • Apartment Building Bedbug Detection
  • Condominium and Town Home Complex Bedbug Detection
  • Retirement Communities Bedbug Detection