Why choose Precision Canine Bed Bug Detection Services?

  • We provide a cost effective and efficient solution compared to a trained inspector’s visual inspection (which can take hours to thoroughly complete).
  • By ONLY specializing in detection, we fully commit to delivering honest, non-biased, accurate results.  We are independent and not affiliated with any pest control company and do not have a vested interest in the outcome of your inspection.
  • Business owner/canine inspection team will be present on every job.
  • Each positive canine alert will be visually verified when possible, to confirm the presence of bed bugs.
  • We provide fast and efficient inspections resulting in minimal disruptions to your home or business. 
  • Discretion is a top priority.  We will arrive in an unmarked vehicle, allowing the reason for our visit to be kept confidential.
  • We are highly compassionate and understanding regarding your fears and concerns.  We take your bed bug problem seriously.
  • You will receive a free and fair estimate upfront.  There are no hidden fees or extra charges. 
  • We are licensed and commercially insured.