What to Expect

Our canine scent detection team needs your full cooperation for an accurate and timely inspection.  Our commitment is to provide you with the most thorough and accurate inspection possible.

Upon our arrival, the handler will allow time to speak with you prior to bringing the canine onto the premises.  We will review what areas need to be inspected and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  After all of your questions have been addressed, the canine will be brought in to begin the inspection.

We ask that you refrain from asking questions during the inspection.  The handler will be engaged with the canine, as they work as a team to achieve the most effective result.  The resident or facility manager will be asked to remain in an area that is not being inspected in order to reduce distractions.

In the event that the canine alerts to the presence of bed bugs, the area will be noted and the handler will attempt to visually confirm the alert.  The handler will inspect for eggs, shell casings, bed bug feces and live bed bugs.  Upon completion of the inspection, the findings and a plan of action will be discussed with the customer.

Please be advised that the safety of our canines is imperative.  Please notify us before scheduling your inspection if any pesticides have been applied within the prior 30 days (over the counter or commercial dust, liquid or other products). Not only are pesticides toxic for the canine, the residual presence of the chemicals can impact the effectiveness of the inspection. *Even though the pest control powder Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is “natural,” it can cause abrasions within the nasal/sinus cavities and lungs when inhaled.

We will make every effort to prioritize your inspection as soon as possible, in the event that pesticides have been used.  In addition, we will discuss with you the best way to manage the situation during the waiting period. We appreciate your honesty with this matter.