Benefits of Using a Scent Detection Canine for Bed Bug Inspections

Cost Effective

The use of a trained bed bug dog can save an individual or company thousands of  dollars by avoiding unnecessary treatment, whether due to a smaller problem than expected or the absence of a problem. Because of their accuracy, a bed bug canine team can identify one bed bug just as easily as it can detect a severe infestation. Early detection saves time and money before infestations can get out of control.


A major advantage of a canine inspection is that a dog can inspect a room in a matter of minutes with a high percentage of accuracy, whereas a visual inspection, even by trained inspectors, can take hours. 

Canine bed bug detection is especially well suited for large scale premises where visual inspections are simply not practical.  Some examples include the search of an entire residence, several floors of hotel guest rooms, college dormitories, entire apartment complexes, movie theaters, schools and office buildings.

Thorough and Minimally Invasive

The canine has no limitations searching cluttered areas, inside electrical outlets, behind picture frames, behind baseboards, within the mattress boxspring, inside upholstered surfaces, to name a few.  Dismantling furniture in not necessary.


Dogs are honest.  They are trained to work for love and rewards….. not for profits.

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Implementing a canine inspection program is a key component of a proactive, integrated bed bug management program.