Meet Buddy

Precision Canine’s Bed Bug Detection Dog

Buddy is a pure bred Springer Spaniel with a strong working drive. He was extensively trained in California by animal trainer, Stephanie Taunton. Karen and Buddy completed a week long training program before joining forces in Indianapolis. Buddy is extremely focused and is willing to do what is necessary to find bed bugs. When he isn’t working, Buddy spends his time as a member of Karen’s family.

Meet Karen

Owner of Precision Canine Bed Bug Detection Services

Karen has always had a love of animals.  She spent part of her childhood years living in Colorado, where she acquired her love of the mountains, enjoyed riding her two horses and adopted her first puppy.  Her family later moved to Indiana, where she finished high school and graduated from Purdue University. 

Karen worked in the corporate world for a number of years before taking time off to raise her three daughters and adopt 2 more dogs.  Karen started Precision Canine Bed Bug Detection Services after her girls left for college. She is excited about providing a much needed service for the community while working along side of her highly intelligent and fascinating partner, Buddy.